4 Ways to create a Vintage Hollywood Glam Interior

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The custom round Catherine Martin rug by Designer Rugs is the center piece in my formal living.

4 Ways to create a vintage Hollywood Glam Interior

It’s time to step into the spotlight and embrace your dreams of glamour and riches. This glamorous Hollywood vibe is for the bold and sophisticated, a place where daring and elegance meet. This style is all about bold statement pieces, intricate patterns and rich textures. Colours are strong and deep, accentuated by metallics, mirrors and the perfect lighting.

It’s a little bit daring, but that’s what I love about it. It’s exciting, luxurious and most importantly dramatic. My penthouse apartment in Sydney is inspired by Hollywood glam, so of course, it’s a favourite of mine! To say I am excited by the finishes and textures is an understatement. If it suits your personality to shine, then I think your interior space should reflect this as well.

Here are 4 ways to incorporate a bit of vintage Hollywood glamour in your home.

1. Bold Colours, Prints or Layers

Forget about the minimalism here, it’s layer upon layer, texture on texture, deep tones, metallics and drama.

This is a must! To achieve this look you must go bold with your favourite deep colours. Any of the popular jewel tones would work well, as do emerald green, mustard, teal, navy and burgundy.

If you start with black and white and add a splash of your chosen colour palette you absolutely can’t go wrong. Don’t forget gold and metallics – it’s all about the added extra sparkle!

There is nothing too much in this style as long as the elements work well together and are pleasant to the eyes.

2. Play with statement pieces

Light fittings are probably my favourite elements in any room. I save money everywhere I can to invest in lighting. They change the mood and space.

Statement pieces are an absolute must and one of the first things you should purchase when designing with vintage Hollywood Glam in mind. Stay away from anything too minimal, raw or retro – this is about stepping into the spotlight!

When choosing art, I think of figurative art and sculptures – bold is the word to keep in mind here! Find a hero piece to work in each room and create the design around it, whether that’s a piece of artwork, an amazing rug, a sculpture or a dramatic piece of furniture.  Choose a piece that speaks to you and work with it.

Ready to make a statement in your room? Take a look at Jonathan Adler for lighting, and Regency Distribution or Boyd Blue for furniture and homewares (aka the perfect finishing touches!).

3. Add some antiques

I found this perfect chair for my bedroom at Dirty Janes in Bowral. I love vintage pieces; there is nothing wrong about recycling and reusing. We need to look after the world we live in.

Antiques are the perfect way to add a touch of vintage Hollywood glam to your space. Flea markets in Europe are an absolute gold mine, full of amazing pieces and luxe finds.

Shapiro right here in Australia have auctions throughout the year with beautiful furniture, fine arts and luxury items; they are a must for Hollywood glam looks. I also recommend Lunatiques and Mitchell Road.

If you’re in NSW, the Southern Highlands is such a great region to explore for antiques, with stunning pockets of markets and vintage stores to discover. One of my faves is Dirty Janes in Bowral.

Jonathan Adler is one of my favourite designer, he totally knows how to work with the design elements and make everything looks so gorgeous, glamorous, bold. sophisticated and chic. I love him!

4. Create Balance

The delicate art of harmonizing Hollywood glam in a room requires balance. Without it, a room can feel crowded. While eye-catching pieces are vital, too many of them will make a room appear and feel overwhelmed – with everything vying for attention there is nowhere for the eye to focus and rest.

If you’re working in a smaller space, scale plays a big part in the design process. Choose the right size furniture to begin with, then work with light tones, rather than dark (or use carefully).  A white ceiling, a well-placed mirror or a mirrored wall all let light into the room and will make your space feel a lot bigger.

This style screams boldness, sophistication and luxury. When you take bold colours and statement pieces and place them together with perfect balance, wonderful things will happen.

Boyd and Blue is one of my go to places for Hollywood glamour and statement pieces. Contact me to find out more!

If you want to use dark colours in a small space it’s totally possible with some careful planning. I painted my closet walls and bedroom door in matte black, with the skirting and trims in antique gold. The result is breathtaking and to keep the space from feeling to small the ceiling is kept white – it’s all about balance!

Hollywood glamour is the perfect style if your personality shines as bright as Hollywood Boulevarde. Embrace it! Let each piece in your home be as provocative and strong as your favourite piece of art – let the glamour and glitz shine bright!

Dani x