5 Reasons To Get Help Staging Your Home For Sale

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5 Reasons To Get Help Staging Your Home For Sale

So, you’re preparing to put a property on the market. That means photos and open homes are coming up and you want this home looking its absolute best. You’ve heard that styling up the space can help it attract more interest and even sell for a better price, but where do you even start?

The first time you look into home staging, it can feel like a whole new world. The first thing you need to decide is if it’s something you want to attempt yourself or if you want to get some expert help on board. One of the biggest reasons I love working as an interior designer and helping to stage homes is that I just love taking the stress away and making the whole process easy for my clients. After all, I obviously love interior design, but if it’s not enjoyable to you, or you’re time poor, it can feel tedious and stressful.
So let’s look at some of the reasons you could benefit from getting help with your home staging, so you can weigh up if hiring an expert is right for you!

1. It takes the stress away

This is by far the number one reason I love doing what I do. When you hire a home staging expert, they can come in and take care of the whole process from start to finish for you. You won’t have to think about a thing, which is exactly how it should be.

Of course, if you already have some ideas and want to be a little more involved in the process, that’s okay too. A good interior designer will be open to hear your ideas (but also tell you if there’s an even better option to consider).

On that note, don’t think that outsourcing your home staging has to mean there’s no personal touch. One of the reasons you might be thinking about handling your own home staging is that you know your home and might have specific ideas about how to showcase it. The good news is, a good interior designer will get to know your space and can still maintain this personal touch. This is hugely important for me!

There is no one style that works in every home, or appeals to every buyer, so every project takes a custom approach. When I visit the property I’ll be working on, I take into consideration the architecture, design features and the surroundings of the home to decide what style I will go for.

2. We have everything you need on hand

After visiting the space, I start thinking about what pieces I want to style it with straight away. I know my stock inside out and often pick the key items from the top of my head as soon as I leave a location. I promise I’m not crazy, just really passionate!

This is another main reason that using a staging expert makes your life so much easier. We already have access to all of the props and furnishings that might be needed to bring your space to life. Just another thing you don’t need to worry about sourcing or spending money on.

I love using unique pieces to style homes. It really sets them apart from just another “show home” into something that has character and people can really picture themselves living in. I am a real vintage hunter and often find amazing pieces in antique stores that totally transform places when I mix them with the new things from my collection.

3. We do the heavy lifting – literally!

After seeing the space, and getting some initial ideas, the next step is compiling a list of items we’ll need for the project. Then it’s time to head over to the warehouse before the removalists come in and pick everything up. We organise getting everything to (and from) the property for you, not just arranging it all once it’s there.

4. The right styling can attract better results

Besides saving your time and energy, an interior designer has the knowledge to make the right choices that will showcase your property’s features, appeal to your potential buyers and ultimately, attract higher bids!

For me, that knowledge is backed by years of experience, but also being qualified in interior design through the highly-regarded Tafe Design Centre Enmore. There are so many amazing professionals that have come out of this institution such as Greg Natale and Steve Cordony.

Helping you sell your property for a better price doesn’t just stop with how it’s styled. When I make the first visit to your space, it’s like a mini consultation where I’ll also advise on decluttering, as well as any updates needed to things like paintwork or carpets, and can help book these services in for you. These are all different elements that can add value to your home and help it attract that dream buyer.

5. We notice the little things (which make a big impact)

Depending on how much time we have before your photos are due to be shot, I like to go back and forth from the property a few times to make sure I am totally happy with everything.

I often like to move the furniture in and complete the styling all in one day, but I still like to stop back in before the photoshoot so I can make those last minute finishing touches that make all the difference! Going back the next day and seeing the space with fresh eyes really helps me pick up on those extra little details. That is when everything really comes to life.

An interior designer will also pick up the small details like textures, finishes and scents that make a big difference. Personally, I hate fake plants and flowers. I will use natural or nothing! This means visiting the property regularly through the campaign to keep them watered and looking fresh (especially just before auction day). This is something you probably wouldn’t have time to do yourself, but will make all the difference to your results.

I hope this read has given you some clarity on whether to hire a home staging expert and get a little help with your project! If you’d ever like to learn more about the process, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me here.

Dani x

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Also, Daniela's easy-going, friendly manner and flexible, collaborative approach cheerfully adapted to our shifting instructions as well as accommodating the volatile schedules of our suppliers, tradies and sales team.

Ultimately Daniela's lively energy and inspiring creative talent helped us present a truly beautiful home for open inspection that had x-factor and flair in spades...and which buyers clearly fell in love with.

Thank you Daniela - You are awesome!

Andrew and Elisa, Newtown


Andrew and Elisa, Newtown

Daniela's lively energy & inspiring creative talent helped us present a truly beautiful home for open inspection - Sydney property staged to sell by Dani T.

We received many comments on the quality of the styling & how fantastic the apartment was presented.

We used Dani T’s styling services on our recent sale of 330/5 Queen St, Rosebery. The apartment sold at auction for above the reserve, we had 125 groups inspect the apartment and many commented on the quality of the styling and how fantastic the apartment was presented. We have no hesitation in recommending Dani’s services.

Brigitte Blackman & Amber Riethmuller, BresicWhitney Rosebery


Brigitte Blackman & Amber Riethmuller, BresicWhitney Rosebery

We received many comments on the quality of the styling & how fantastic the apartment was presented. - Sydney property styled to sell by Dani T.

Such a beautiful job!

Dani did such a beautiful job. She listened to us and worked tirelessly to make sure we felt settled, comfortable and at home.

Allana Williams, Manager - Production & Development


Allana Williams, Manager - Production & Development

Dani did such a beautiful job. She listened to us and worked tirelessly to make sure we felt settled, comfortable and at home.