Designing a child’s bedroom; Part 1

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 Designing a child’s bedroom; Part 1

My top tips for creating the sweetest nursery

AUTHOR Dani Tippett

Designing a child’s bedroom is, without a doubt, some of the most fun you can have as an interior designer. There is just so much to choose from, so many beautiful choices and so many directions you can take it! When you’re creating the room for your own child it is especially wonderful. As a parent-to-be, there is a special kind of joy creating the sweetest nursery you can dream of.

So how do you get it right? As always, let’s start with a theme.

The vibe of a nursery can be really personal and you should create the room with yourself and baby in mind; this is the place you’ll be nursing your baby back to sleep, the first place they’ll sleep when not with you. With that in mind, choose a theme for the room that you love – emulate feelings of peace, create a soft and loving environment that you feel comfortable in.

Colours are a personal choice here, but I’d advise going with a palette that will grow with your child for a few years, and one that won’t date quickly as your bub grows.

Pink and blue? Personally it’s not for me. I think it’s too cliche and has been over done many times over. Neutral tones are perfect; calm, relaxing, easy to work with and easy to adapt as time goes on. I always add a splash of colour for fun (your choice) and adore playing with metallics like gold or rose gold.

I choose the textiles and bedding first, and then, if painting, the paint colours. It’s really easy to match a paint colour to the perfect bedding or curtains. Dulux have a great colour matching tool, Snapshot, that’s definitely worth a look.

I also adore the wall art decor from Anewell and United Artwork, you can start with a design from there and then work the room around it – breathtaking wallpaper and wall designs.

The next step is to choose a focal point in the room; often times this will be the bassinet and crib, but explore other options too. A large window, a sitting alcove or a signature piece (like a beautiful dresser) can work really well too.

For textiles, look at going with natural materials as much as you can. Bamboo is a deliciously soft material, perfect for wraps and bedding. Organic cotton breathes incredibly well, and merino wool is great too. Bamboo furniture and rattan are gorgeous options.  

Shops to check out: Boheme Home, The Young Folk Collective, Pottery Barn Kids, Lilly and Lolly and Adairs Kids.

I normally custom design my bedding and cushions; that way you aren’t limited by what’s currently on trend, and can instead choose whichever colours and patterns work with your dream look.

For fabric choices, check out: European Fabric House, Harlequin & Scion.

Finally, look at the practical areas you’ll need and design the nursery around them. I like to add a comfortable nursing chair (or even a day bed if you have the space) for those late night feedings or settling battles, a comfortable space for you to fall asleep too if needed!

As always, storage is key; make sure you have organised a designated space for clothing, changing (nappies, wipes), a sweet toy box and at least one set of additional shelves.

Designing a nursery is such a joy for new parents; regardless of your interior design experience, if you follow these ideas you’ll create the perfect nursery for you and your baby in no time.

If you’d like to book in a consult with me to style your nursery or child’s bedroom, send me an email; I’d love to hear from you!

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