Designing a child’s bedroom; Part 2

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Designing a Child’s Bedroom;

Part 2

Children, teens, and everyone in-between.
My top tips for transforming your child’s bedroom.

If you read my article on designing a perfect nursery, you’ll notice that I love starting with a neutral palette.

This allows you to take your child’s room through each stage without having to get wild with painting if you don’t want to. Read Designing a Child’s Bedroom Part 1; Nursery.

As they grow older, you can become more adventurous with colour. When developing the theme for your child’s bedroom have fun with colour, patterns and prints! Keep in mind their favorites won’t be for long, so my tip is to use fabrics and textiles for colour. If the walls are neutral you can easily change it up.

Colour combos I love for children include red with navy and white, white with black and yellow or coral with mustard yellow and white. Teal with pale pink and rose gold is really gorgeous for a girls room too. As with nursery design, I try to stay away from typical colours like blue and pink. If you are going to use them then change it up with tone and add a touch of metallic to bring it all together. For instance, use coral instead of candy pink, or teal blue and navy instead of the typical light blue.

Green and pastel pink colour combo.

When designing for teens, start with their favorite colours and then expand. Psychologically teens want to feel more mature than their age, so keep this in mind and aim for a space that’s young and fresh without compromising on fun. Pastel colours and neutral tones with splash of that favorite colour work really well, as does a monochromatic scheme – majority of teens love black!

As Marie Kondo has taught us all, storage is key and this is especially pertinent in children’s rooms! Toys, books…kids always seem to collect more than you realise! If you don’t have built in storage, try these gorgeous storage options from Lilly and Lolly or West Elm.

West Elm Geo Lacquered Dresser in Parchment.

A desk is really important for study and all of the up-and-coming homework session! I love this one from Globe West ;compact, great for small rooms and loads of storage space. A desk may seem like it takes up a lot of space, but it also adds to storage. Take a look at West Elm  to see how a smaller desk can be just as functional too. Teens need a study corner so remember to invest in a good chair for back support, and a bookshelf as well.

This desk from Pottery Barn Kids is also gorgeous and above all, functional. I love Pottery Barn furniture as you can build it up as you need, according to the space you have. This one has the option to get an extra book shelf that sits on top and comes in a variety of colours.

The wardrobe becomes vital for teens especially, so invest in some good shelving and storage here too.

Pottery Barn Elliot Desk Hutch in Charcoal

For kids under ten and in the pre-teen stage, a room still needs to feel fun and adventurous. I love the idea of little nooks and teepees; a place to hide, create huts and games with friends.

For all ages, a trundle bed or bunk beds are just an all around great idea. Sleepovers will happen – save time and hassle, and invest in one early on! These bunk beds beds from Pottery Barn Kids are fantastic, with room for either a desk or a second bed.

Shop my top looks for children and teen bedrooms below, and get in touch with me if you’d like to book in an expert consult for your next project.