Darlington Meets New York Warehouse Conversion At The Foundry

Date: SUMMER, 2020



Config: 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1 Car

Agency: Ray White Erskineville

There’s always excitement when I’m asked to style a true warehouse conversion apartment because they are so cool, unique, and super-hard to find. I get excited when the unique aspects of the old building or site are kept like they are in this block. The façade is amazing and, as you walk in, the feeling of being in a New York warehouse apartment is there. This is The Foundry, Darlington.

I love the timber ceiling structure and features that were kept. No room for duct air but who cares! The amazing windows and that open living feeling kept me excited to contrast the rawness with sophistication and luxury touches. I brought colour, texture (velvet, linen, leather and everything else), sculptural accessories and striking artworks to dress this place to truly impress and connect to buyers on a different level. All I can say I had so much fun doing that and the sale result was impressive too.

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