Why you should style your home with unique pieces

Why you should style your home with unique pieces

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Why you should style your home with unique pieces


If you’ve been following along for a little while, then you’ll know how much I love using one-of-a-kind or artisan pieces in my styling work.

Of course, as an interior designer, I have all my go-to sources to find these items for the homes I style, but today I wanted to pull back the curtain and show you how I do it.

Why style your home with artisan pieces?

Besides personal taste, there are so many reasons that I choose to style homes this way.

They will likely hold some value

One-of-a-kind or artisan homewares and furniture may be a little more of an investment upfront, but they also have more chance of holding some value over time. I always love to spend money on things that will hold their value. I also prefer to buy an alternative design rather than a replica. I am such a hater of replicas! If you can’t buy the original, go with another option. It is more about the respect I have for the designers than anything.

They can become a family heirloom

On that note, even if you don’t plan to sell these special pieces, really high quality and special homewares could become a family treasure that gets passed down to future generations. 

They will last

With so many super-affordable options out there for textiles, homewares and furniture, it can be tempting to just swap out your whole house every few months when you get sick of something! But in reality, this takes a lot of your time, and in my personal opinion? Your dream home should be such a perfect fit for you and your family that you won’t want to change it!

The more I talk or read about this, the more excited I get. I remember times when I had so many quilt covers and so forth but always ended up using my two favourite sets. Bingo! That is the reason why I often recommend my clients to get custom-made bedding and cushions and only have two set options of the sheet set and quilt cover to go with the spread and cushions we have done. You don’t need more than that. Your set of cushions can also be seasonal and changed twice a year for the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter months.

They’re better for the environment

The other downside of constantly swapping out mass-produced items is that it creates a lot of waste, and isn’t great for our environment. I’m not the perfect eco-warrior, but I am always trying to make little changes that help reduce my impact. I have been learning that lesson over the years. I don’t even go crazy on sales anymore, I only buy what I love or need.

Side story: the other day we found this big jar of Gatorade powder at Woollies in Byron and that jar that happens to cost only $11 would make 8L of Gatorade. We often buy a 600ml bottle for around $2.50 at the supermarket or even $5 if we’re out and about. We have not only saved money but at least 18 bottles that would have ended up in the landfill!

They stand out!

Whether you’re styling a home to sell, or creating your own dream space, there is no better way to show off a unique sense of style than with artisan homewares or one-of-a-kind pieces. That is how I always stand out amongst the crowd when I do property styling and home staging.

Why you should style your home with unique pieces

Where can I source artisan homewares or unique pieces for my home?

So, how can you actually get your hands on these pieces? We need to think beyond the local shopping centre!

Get collecting!

Some of my favourite accessories and art pieces to style with are everyday objects that I’ve collected through my travels. I’m such a bowerbird! Here are some things you can repurpose into beautiful ornaments (without adding lots of clutter):

  • Books with beautiful covers and spines. Stack them on a side table or inside a bookshelf.
  • Interesting glass jars or bottles. Clean them thoroughly and fill them with shells, driftwood, flowers, leaves – or leave them empty!
  • Posters, photos, metal signs or vintage newspaper pages. Place them in a nice big frame and you have your very own piece of art!
  • Empty interesting wine and spirit bottles can become a treasure, a vase, a decorative piece in your home.
  • I always bring something home from a holiday that has no value to anyone but is special to me. I still have a water bottle from a place I went in Formentera.

Visit markets

Genuine artisan markets are a treasure trove! And nothing beats getting to meet the actual markers in person. Here are some you could check out if you’re in Sydney like me:

Go direct to your favourite artists

The beauty of discovering a favourite artist or designer at a local market or even through social media, is you now have your very own go-to! Once you have a few artists whose style you love, you can always go to them for whatever you need and know they’ll have something that suits your style. And if they don’t have it? You could even ask if they’re able to create a special commission just for you.

I especially love when I can get to know the artist. Here are some of my favourites to get you started!

artisan homewares

Indigo Love Collectors

This is my personal favourite go-to store for beautiful artisan furniture, textiles, accessories and homewares. Everything they stock is seriously stunning! If you’re ever in Huskisson on the South Coast of New South Wales then you need to see their beautiful shop front. Otherwise, you can also order online, or through me (I’m lucky to be a stockist of this beautiful brand). Huskisson will always have such special in my heart and especially this wonderful supplier I can count on. 

Babylon Boutique

I also can’t go on without mentioning my favourite bubs and kids store, Babylon Boutique. OMG! How many gifts I have bought there. I have a thing about supporting local business but when it is easy to do it is even better.

The Collective Beat

This is another store in the area with very unique pieces. If you’re looking for more ideas, definitely check this one out as well.

Use a buyer

If you’d like the full VIP treatment to source the perfect additions to your home, then there is no better option than to work with an interior designer who can source and secure them for you. I work with my clients to do exactly that, which is how I help them get their hands on stunning pieces that you just can’t buy from the local store.

Want a hand sourcing the perfect pieces for your home? I can help. Get in touch; I’d love to hear from you!

Dani x

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