What I’m loving for Autumn 2020

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What I’m loving for Autumn 2020

Well, 2020 hasn’t exactly started the way we were maybe all expecting, but if you know me, you’ll know I’m all about living in the moment and just making the most of what you have!

I hope everyone is keeping well, staying safe, and feeling as calm as possible with everything going on. Today I wanted to help brighten everyone’s mood a bit with some Autumn trends I’ll be enjoying this year – even if it’s just from at home!

One thing I’m very thankful for right now is the Sydney weather. Luckily, it doesn’t get too freezing here, even in Winter, and we still have our beautiful sunshine all year round. My boys normally play rugby and soccer in Winter so every year we still go outside on weekend mornings and it’s beautiful. We are so blessed!

There’s no reason we can’t keep enjoying the little things we love right now, and keep supporting local businesses while we still can.

This is what I’ll be loving this Autumn, what about you?


Colour-blocking year-round


Colour blocking by Zimmerman

Let’s get one thing straight: just because it’s getting cooler outside, does not mean we have to dress in all black and neutrals! I love to wear colour all year ‘round. Colour-blocking (wearing two bright colours together) is a big love of mine and I’m predicting it will make a bit of a comeback this year. Either way, you’ll be seeing me in it for sure.


To illustrate how to apply my tips I’ve used a project I completed last year in Rosebery.  The brief was to design an indoor-outdoor oasis and entertaining paradise on the top floor of a penthouse apartment.

Effortless Oversized Suiting

Layering up with oversized suiting is another trend I’m loving. It can look so chic and effortless. The trick is, you have to wear the outfit – don’t let it wear you! Rock your oversized suiting with attitude.

Luxe Faux Fur

Fur is also back in a big way, and I’ve been pleased to see so many great vegan options available now. Faux fur definitely doesn’t need to look tacky or cheap, some vegan furs are so good you can barely tell the difference.

Chic Accessories

The final trend I can’t wait to wear is long sleeve gloves. Just tell me one thing that is more chic than that! I wore a vintage Prada pair with a beautiful wide brim hat back 2013 at Cinque Terre and I can’t wait to recreate a look like that again. In case you didn’t know, I have a slight obsession for head accessories, especially hats and fascinators.

Changing up throws and blankets is what a change of season needs


Lots of texture

Now it wouldn’t be a trend update from me without talking about the home, so here we go. When the seasons start changing, I love to pull out all of my favourite blankets and throws, add lots of texture, and anything else that makes you feel cosy and warm. In the bedroom, I always like to change my bedding and cushions according to the seasons as well. There’s no better feeling than slipping into some thicker sheets and blankets. This is what the colder months are for!

Accessories Update

You’ll also catch me updating my bar cart with Winter warmer spirits and liquors, putting out lots of sumptuous candles, and of course my signature seasonal plants and blooms!


All Things Hearty

I love all hearty food; soups, casseroles, lamb shanks, beautiful ragu pasta, bread and butter (can’t leave without it!)… so in the cooler months I’m extra excited to enjoy all these meals. I swear I must have been Italian in a past life – or maybe I will be in the future….

Winter Gins

And for drinks? Call me weird, but I’ll still be drinking champagne and gin in the cooler months, just swapping them out for Winter versions!

Archie Rose always brings out a great Winter gin, but it sells out fast so you have to be quick. If you missed out online, check the more upmarket bottle shops in your area and you might be lucky enough to find one. I also can’t go past the Bloody Shiraz Gin from Four pillars – Yum! It’s just perfect topped up with some tonic water. It doesn’t need anything else.

Homemade Cocktails

Since it’s tricky to go out at the moment, I’m all in favour of using time at home to practice making some homemade cocktails. Broadsheet has some incredible recipes you can try – check out their national series Navigating Gin. They really prove my point that gin is definitely a Winter drink!

I’m personally a fan of the Abel Gin Co from Tassy, so their Hot Gin Punch recipe will be first on my list to try.

Red Wining and Dining

And we can’t forget the red wine. It’s always sure to make me warm and happy (although I still enjoy it in Summer too), especially paired with a beautiful steak. I’m a big believer that wine goes with food – it doesn’t have to be for just one season.

Hope, love and a road less traveled during covid 19

Hope, love and a road less traveled during covid 19


When I first planned to share this blog with you all, I wanted to share my travel plans for the rest of the year, but sadly, they are pretty much all off the table now. So basically, I will be travelling between my kitchen, backyard and living room now!

But I wanted to talk about this anyway because I feel so many others will be in the same boat and I want you to know you are not alone. This has been a scary time for myself and my family, and if you are feeling uninspired or isolated at the moment, then this is totally normal and you are allowed to feel this way! I just hope it will all be over sooner rather than later.

I hope some of these ideas inspire you to get a little excited for Autumn, even if we’ll be spending lots of time indoors! Take care.

Dani x

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